5 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

Do you need a blog for your business? Here's 5 Reasons why you should!

When the internet was still new – when it was just beginning to catch on and companies decided to go online it was enough to have a web site. A page about your company, another to announce your products and a contact page were all you needed.

Now though, things have changed massively. 

The more that businesses have taken to the online arena, the more that each company needs to have – regardless of whether you’re a small home-based business or even a major corporation needs.

Why? To set itself apart from the competition.

Reason 1:

A blog is an effective tool for doing just that; and that’s the first reason why you should have one. Your blog enables you to reach out to current and prospective clients, add content to your website on a daily basis and open up a dialog with your customers.

This dialog allows you to be genuine, to talk with your current and prospective clients about what your company does, what it has to offer and why your products or services would benefit them. In a company blog, you’re able to show your personality and interact with the people who will use your products or services.

Reason 2:

Your blog allows you to establish trust between you and your audience, which is the second reason why you should have a company blog! You want to be the first person they think of when they need your specific service or product.

Always remember to make your blog posts fun, informative and helpful. Solve problems for your readers so they want to come back and find out more. Don’t try and sell all the time.

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Follow the 80/20 Rule:
80% Engagement
20% Promotion

Reason 3:

When they recognise this need within their lives either business or personal lives your company blog will have served its third purpose: establishing credibility.

When you are able to use your company blog to explain the benefits of a product or service, your readers recognise that they can count on your information. If they can count on your information, see you as an honest, trustworthy and professional business, they’ll know that they can count on you, your products and the services that you offer.

Reason 4:

Once your readers have become customers, you’ll come to the fourth reason why you should have a company blog: it enables your clients or customers to provide feedback. Every business can benefit from unsolicited testimonials.

When you’ve written a post about a product and service that delivers even more than you promise, you’ll find that your regular readers and customers will comment on your blog. Others who are reading your blog, then, will be able to find even more details, more information and more reasons to purchase your products and services.

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Reason 5:

This sense of community is the fifth reason why your company ought to have a blog. All over the world, online communities form around products and services. You’ll find sites dedicated to particular sports cars, computer brands, antiques, hobbies or vacation spots - shouldn’t your company be able to benefit from this type of community too?

With a well-written blog to support your business, you’ll find that you have an effective marketing tool: community support. Your blog will enable you to communicate, to connect and to inform. Your customers will have a place where they can interact, ask questions, get answers and find additional products or services to meet their needs.




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