The #1 Thing Every Successful Entrepreneur Does

Not only does visualising your ultimate result in your mind give you the energy to chase after the goal, it prepares yourself for the eventual outcome of success.

Because you have thought about it constantly, worked at it daily and strived toward your ultimate goal for so long, when it eventually comes your way, you know in the very depth of your being that you deserve it.

You have every right to enjoy the money, accolades, compliments, and praise that your successful result will bring.

Instead of reacting to your success with shock (the 'What Do I Do Now Syndrome') you will accept your success as totally normal.  After all, you have seen yourself achieving this result for years, so it is about time, right?

So, how do you work on visualising your success? 

The good news is you already do what is needed for this to work.

You daydream.

Sounds a bit weird, I know, but spend time imagining yourself doing the thing or having the thing that you have determined to equal success.

If it is having a wonderful family, you imagine that – the peaceful home environment, the well-adjusted children, and the confident and assured parent that you are.

If success for you is running a large organisation, see yourself in your office (or favourite beach), your staff members working hard and happily on their tasks, with happy customers and clients calling you about how they enjoy your service immensely.

By spending time each week seeing in your mind yourself reaching the success you want, you are mentally preparing yourself for that event.

In doing so, your body reacts to it in the only way it can it starts to act out what the mind wants.

It will start to find ways that it can achieve this vision in your mind, because the body and mind are two sides of the same coin. What one wants, the other has to want as well.

So, even if you don't believe in any of that mind-body 'stuff', it is fun seeing yourself doing what you so desperately want to do (or be, or have), and will help to motivate you to achieve your goals.

Just as I was writing this article, Rob Moore posted in his Facebook group 'The Disruptive Entrepreneurs Community' about a very similar topic:

Not only is Rob's question about visualising but straight away there are two people who comment that they also focus and visualise their successes.

See you're not the only one who does it! (But you might be the only one who isn't doing it!)

Another great way is to create a Vision Board - and it's never too late to start one!




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