Facebook Ads Domination Course

Module 8

Boost Your Profits with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Ads is a very powerful platform for marketers.  However, compared to keyword-based advertising on search engines, Facebook Ads cannot determine purchasing intent because users don’t normally go on Facebook to search for things to buy. 

Facebook came up with a way to circumvent this inherent weakness by introducing dynamic ads.  Many advertisers have been won over by the impressive results they get from dynamic ads as compared to the usual static ads.  In this module, we’re going to be showing you how you too can boost your profits using Facebook dynamic ads!

What Are Dynamic Ads?

  (Facebook Dynamic Ads.  Image Source: Facebook.com)

(Facebook Dynamic Ads.  Image Source: Facebook.com)

Dynamic ads are simply automated Facebook Ads.  Other marketing experts call it ‘retargeting ads on steroids.’ It targets people who have been on your website or app and serves them ads based on what they’ve been doing on your web property.  The Facebook pixel tracks their actions, and when they go on Facebook, your dynamic ads will then come into play in a completely automated manner. 

If you have an online store and you’re selling tens of thousands of products, instead of creating an advert for each product, you can simply upload your product catalogue to Facebook.  Just imagine how many hours you’re saving with dynamic ads!

The only real work you and your team need to do is just basically make sure your catalogue is up to speed and that it contains all relevant details about your products.  Once you’ve set up your ad template and defined your budget, then it’s pretty much a hands-off advertising machine!

For example, when a customer views or adds a product to his cart, your pixel tracks that action.  When he buys that product, your pixel will know it.  So, when they go into Facebook, the system will know exactly what that customer has been doing on your website. 

If they viewed a product but did not buy it, they’ll see an advert for the very same product on their news feed or wherever you chose to display your dynamic ads.  Likewise, if that customer bought that product, they’re NOT going to be seeing an ad for that product on Facebook (that will be very annoying!). 

Instead, they’ll see another product on display.  And since they already bought from you, they therefore know you and will most likely buy from you again especially if they had a good experience with the first product. 

Additionally, dynamic ads help circumvent ad blindness.  With so many ads flooding people’s news feeds, it’s not surprising that a lot of people are developing banner ad blindness.  But with dynamic ads, your ads are so relevant and so timely (they were just looking at that particular product 10 minutes ago!), people feel more compelled to purchase your ad on the spot!

In short, Facebook dynamic ads are a very smart way to retarget your customers by serving them highly relevant ads no matter where they are in the sales funnel!