Facebook Ads Domination Course

Module 4

Facebook Ad Design

In the earlier modules of this Facebook Ads Domination series, you learned all about the technical aspects of Facebook Ads. 

In this module, you’re going to be learning about how to optimise your Facebook ad design because if you don’t, you might just as well be throwing your money away. 

Try not to get lost in the technical aspects of creating your ad because designing your ad and making sure it gets noticed by your target audience is just as equally important.

Why You Should Optimizse Your Facebook Ad Design

Before I answer this question, I’d like you to think about the last time you were scrolling on Facebook.  In what instances did you stop scrolling to look at an ad that appeared on your feed?

Was it because the Page name was familiar? Or was it because the image they used was eye-catching? Or did the headline somehow grab your attention? Or was it maybe because they used a video that told the brand’s story in the first few seconds?

Whatever it was, it was effective enough to get you to stop scrolling your feed.  And the people behind the advert surely thought about how they can get people like you, as a part of their target audience, to pay attention to their ad.  They made sure to optimize their ad design so that their advert won’t go unnoticed and ignored.   

The example I gave is just one of the possible answers to the question above.  Here are a few more reasons why you should optimise your Facebook ad design:

1.    Good design makes your target audience engage with your brand.  You need to optimise your Facebook ad design so that people in your target audience will engage with your ad and do whatever it is you want them to do so you can meet your campaign objective.  If you want them to download a free eBook, your ad design should encourage that and get people to download your stuff.

2.    Your design communicates your brand.  If your design looks elegant and luxurious, then people are going to associate your brand with being an elegant and luxurious brand.  If your design is fun, then people are going to think of you as a fun-loving brand. 

3.    Good design makes you more visible to people.  If you’ve ever come across a unique ad that’s gone viral or that’s been shared by many, many people, then you can understand why good design makes your brand highly visible.  The more unique and engaging your ad design is, the more people will share your ad.  Remember that getting excellent organic reach on a paid advert helps lower your ad costs. 

4.    Good design drives conversions.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of good design.  When you have a well-designed advert with compelling design, it speaks directly to the people viewing your ad.  If they see themselves in your design, they’ll be more willing to follow your call to action. 

For instance, if you were a grandmother and you see an ad with a heart-warming image of a child getting a hug from his grandma, wouldn’t you be compelled to follow the ad’s call to action? If the ad was selling a child’s handmade sweater, wouldn’t you want to click on the Buy Now button, so you can buy that sweater for your grandkid?

5.    Good design reinforces your ad’s message.  It’s important to truly understand what this point means.  Some advertisers only care about having a nice image on their ad.  Some only care about the message because they believe it’s more important than their ad graphics. 

However, an advert that uses an eye-catching image AND conveys a message that resonates with the target will result in more conversions.  Continuity is important in advertising.  If your message and your image complement each other, you’ve got the recipe for success. 

Now that you know why ad optimization is important let’s now discuss how you can optimize your Facebook ad design.