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How Facebook Dynamic Ads Can Boost Your Profits

Remarket targeting is a powerful advertising strategy on its own since you’re targeting a ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ audience.  With Facebook dynamic ads, you not only retarget these audiences, but you’re also showing them dynamic ads that are relevant to what they’ve been doing on your website or app!

Aside from this main benefit, let’s go through a few more points how dynamic ads can boost your profits:

1.  You spend less time creating and editing ads.

With dynamic ads, you only need to create your ad once.  You define the product variables you want to use in your ad, and Facebook will automatically pull the data from your data feed. 

You don’t need to set up a reminder on your calendar to help remind you that you need to update the pricing on some of your ads – you can simply edit your data feed, and Facebook will then use your new data. 

If you want to update a product image, simply update the link in the data feed.  You also don’t need to manually update the inventory levels so if you run out of stock, your pixel will know it and Facebook won’t serve up a dynamic ad of that particular product.

2.  Spend more time growing your business.

Dynamic ads will help you grow your business in a hands-off manner.  Once you’ve set up your catalogue and your ad creative, you pretty much have a lot of free time on your hands.  You can use that to look for new avenues or platforms to reach your target audience. 

Since dynamic ads basically cater to people who’ve interacted with your business, you can then focus on reaching out to ‘cold’ audiences or people who haven’t interacted with your site or app before. 

3.  Offer personalized recommendations.

Since the Facebook pixel can track your customer’s actions on your site or app, your ad will dynamically show the product your customer was looking at or added it to their cart but did not buy.  For those who already bought an item from you, your dynamic ad won’t show them the same product.  Rather, your dynamic ad will upsell or cross-sell a different product. 

4.  Improve your conversion rates.

Ideally, you’d want 100% conversion rate on your ads.  But doing this is near to impossible as there are far too many factors that come into play during the buying process. 

Facebook’s retargeting system helped conversion rates go up for many advertisers.  But with dynamic ads, it’s taken retargeting to an entirely different level, and many advertisers are reporting impressive conversion rates and massive profits! 

A Quick Note

Facebook dynamic ads are a step-up from retarget marketing.  However, not everyone can create dynamic ad campaigns.  For now, this option is only available to businesses who have an inventory of products to sell. 

If you’re selling one or two products, you can still remarket to your customers, just not at the scale and ease of dynamic ads.