Facebook Ads Domination Course

How to Structure Your Funnel and the Right Ads to use

In this section, we’ll cover a few strategies you can use to move your leads from being a potential customer to a paying buyer.

Top of The Funnel Facebook Ad Strategies (Awareness)

At the top of your sales funnel, you want people to get to know more about your brand or your business. You want to gain their trust, and you want to appear as an authority in your niche.

The best way to hook a cold audience is by using the following campaign objectives:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach

With these objectives, you’re letting people know you exist and you’re basically establishing your presence in their minds. Give them something of value so they’ll remember you.

At this point, you should also be adding the Facebook pixel to your website.

The pixel will start tracking people who land on your site, and you can then retarget them later on in the sales funnel. The pixel plays a huge role in the success of your sales funnel so make sure you set it up correctly.

You should also add events to relevant pages so that you can further segment your audience and target the most relevant people later on.

The number of people you reach with your awareness ad will depend on the size of your target audience as well as your budget. The higher your budget, the faster you can get your ad in front of a large number of people, and the more people you have at the top of your sales funnel.

In some cases, you may get lucky and have a few sales here and there from your Brand Awareness and Reach ads. But generally, conversion rates are low at this point. Again, you’re just introducing yourself to your target market – you’re not selling anything.

In real life, most of us are turned off by people who try to sell something to us the first time we meet them. We generally think people who do these are sleazy salesmen and we tend to keep our distance from people like these. To use another analogy, consider this your ‘first date’ with your potential customer.

Middle of Funnel Facebook Ad Strategies (Consideration)

In the middle of your funnel, the people you are targeting are already aware of your brand. After all, this is already your ‘second date’ or even the third, fourth, or fifth date (this depends on how you structure your funnel).

You introduced yourself and offered them something valuable in the previous stage, and now it’s time to get them to consider your business. The marketing objectives you should choose at this point are the following:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages

We covered these different objectives in detail in Module 1: How to get Started with Facebook Ads. The important thing to note here is that at this stage, you have to continue giving your leads plenty of value, so they’ll move forward to the next stage – the bottom of the funnel.

When you give people value, they’ll be more willing to click on your ads to visit your website, engage with your posts and your page, install your app, view your videos, fill out your lead generation form, and send you inquiries and messages on Facebook.

Should you ask for the sale at this stage? You certainly can. However, don’t expect a huge amount of sales. Your leads are still getting to know you, some may already even trust you, and a few may be willing to part with their cash at this stage. But most of them won’t be buying anything from you yet. You’d need to work a little bit more to encourage them to move down to the bottom of the funnel.

Bottom of Funnel Facebook Ad Strategies (Conversions)

You’ve done a lot of work on the top and middle stages of your sales funnel. Now here comes the fun part – asking people for the sale. This is where you ask people to decide to commit to your business – either as a one-time customer or as a subscriber.

Going with the dating analogy, you’re asking your leads to commit themselves to a relationship with you. You’ve gained their trust, and they’ve gotten to know you very well over the previous ‘dates.’ With just a little more push and persistence, you can ask them to commit and give you their money in exchange for your product or service.

This stage is also known as the Conversion stage because, well, you’re asking your leads to convert from being potential customers to paying customers. Facebook makes it easy for you to choose the right campaign objectives for your bottom of the funnel leads, these are:

  • Conversions
  • Catalogue Sales
  • Store Visits

Facebook already knows your leads’ behaviours and will help you optimize your ad to increase your conversion rates. However, Facebook can only do so much. You have to use some very persuasive copy and ad materials to sway your leads over to your side.

No matter how interested your leads are, and no matter how engaged they are with your ads, if you don’t give them an incentive to sign up or buy from you, then chances are you’re not going to get any sales.

Most experts suggest using customer testimonials and product demos to get your leads to convert. Testimonials or endorsements are very powerful tools because it helps reassure your leads that you are trustworthy. Testimonials will help put their mind at ease that you’re not going be running away with their money and they’re going to get the product exactly as advertised.

Product demos, on the other hand, help assure your leads that your products are in fact going to work. If you’re selling a novelty kitchen product, you want to show your leads exactly how they can use the product.

If your product can be used outside the kitchen, make a demo video as well. Show as many possible uses of your product in real life. Make your leads see the value they’ll receive by investing or buying your product.

When you’ve painted a very convincing image of your product in your leads’ minds, then it’s going to be easier for them to convert and buy from you. You’ll get people buying your products on your website, on your app, or in your store(s) in no time at all. You’ll not only get higher conversion rates, but Facebook may also reward you with lower ad costs.