Facebook Ads Domination Course

How to use Custom and Lookalike Audiences to get More Conversions

NB: There is no video for this segment.  Please read the information included below or you can view it within Guide 5: Gain Maximum Exposure Using Custom Targeted Audiences.  You can also refer back to the video in segment 1 of this module.

There are quite a number of different strategies you can employ to get more conversions for your business.  However, the fastest way you can possibly get more sales and leads is by using a combination of custom and lookalike audiences. 

As we have mentioned earlier in this module, custom audiences are people who are already familiar with your brand.  They may already like and trust you, and thus would be more willing to sign up or buy your products and services. 

Here are a few techniques to try and get more conversions for your business:

1.  Get in Touch with Old Customers

If your business is new on Facebook and you want to get more social proof by having people who know your business like your Facebook page, you can try setting up a campaign that targets everyone who’s ever done business with you.  You can upload your mailing list, subscriber or customer database and Facebook will then match their info with their Facebook profiles.    

Once you have your custom audience set up, you can then start an Engagement campaign and have your existing customers like your page.  Make sure your advert clearly identifies who you are so that they can recognize you. 

It’s important to note here that Page Likes are mainly a vanity metric nowadays.  Organic engagement from page fans and followers are shockingly low, however, having a ‘warm’ audience liking your page is beneficial for 2 reasons:

  • The numbers look good on your page (again, vanity metric), and
  • It translates to lower conversion costs. 

Facebook experts agree that it seems to be a common trend to have lower conversion costs when targeting a page’s fans.  Yes, you still need to pay Facebook to reach all your fans but it’s not going to be expensive (results may vary from page to page so please take this advice with caution). 

The reason this strategy usually leads to lower conversion costs is because ‘warm’ page fans are more likely to click through or engage with your ads since they already know and trust you.

Once you’ve racked up a nice number of page likes, you can then create a second advert offering them a sweet deal – something like a loyalty discount for returning customers. 

People love discounts! If they’ve had a good experience with your business in the past, chances are they’ll be more likely to take you up on your offer. 

When you see good results on this initial campaign, you can then create a lookalike audience and target even more people with the same characteristics as your original custom audience!

Take note this strategy is just one of many.  You can even forego the Page Likes campaign and just go straight to targeting your custom audience with the loyalty offer.  It’s all up to you – and your budget!

2.  Offer New Products or Upgrades to Existing Customers

Customer segmentation plays a huge role in this strategy.  Simply put, if you sell several products, you’d need to create one list for each product.  Yes, it’s going to take a lot of work upfront, however, when it’s time to create those ads, your job will be much easier. 

Here’s an example:

Say you are selling ten products (products A to J).  For each product you sell, you keep a list of all the customers who bought each product.  In a few months, you release an updated product, say version 2.0 of Product A.  It’s not an entirely new product, but it has significant upgrades to version 1.0. 

If you’re selling version 2.0 at £100, you can set up a Facebook ad campaign targeting those who bought version 1.0 and offer the new version at a huge discount (for example, a 50% discount). 

You then set up a separate advert targeting those who did not buy Product A but bought products B to J and offer version 2.0 at the original £100 price (or maybe give them a small discount for being a past customer).

The key takeaway here is that the more specific your audience, the more you can create ads that speak directly to them and address their pain points.  Lumping everyone into the same group will not only lead to fewer people engaging with your ad but will also lead to higher conversion costs. 

The more targeted your audience, the more engaged they would be, and the lower your conversion costs.

To get even more conversions, create a lookalike audience for each of your custom audiences.  This means that if you have 10 Custom Audiences based on each product (Products A to J), then you can create 10 Lookalike Audiences.  This strategy is especially useful if your products are geared towards different markets or different industries. 

3.  Target Subscribers Who Never Read Your Emails

People receive so many emails from marketers and companies all the time.  We hear marketers say this popular phrase all the time – the money is in the list.  But if people are getting a barrage of emails every single day, chances are your emails (and everyone not on their contact list) goes into the Spam folder or some other folder they will never open. 

But with Facebook Ads, you have a new channel to reach them.  You can upload your mailing list and create an ad targeted specifically to your subscribers. 

Offer them something enticing or maybe just let them know about your new blog post and how it can be of value to them.  You just need to be creative to get your brand in front of them, so they’ll remember you when they need your products or services.

It’s true that the money is still in the list – you just need to pay Facebook a little bit more, so you can reach those who choose to ignore your emails.