Facebook Ads Domination Course

How to Write a Great Headline That Puts Your Offer in the Limelight

  • Mention the pain point you’re solving – if you’re solving a problem, say it in the headline.  Don’t make your audience look for it in the description.  People only have a few seconds for your ad – make the most of it by telling them what they want to read!
  • Ask questions – when you ask a question in your headline, people’s involuntary reaction is to answer it in their minds.  Some may dismiss it, but more often than not, if you ask the right kind of question, people will stop scrolling enough to answer your question in their mind. 
  • Add a little humour – a funny and witty headline is catchy, there’s no denying that.  A headline that gets a reaction from your audience is a great advertising tool so try to think of something witty that will make your reader smile, even for just a second. 
  • Use language your audience will understand – if you’re targeting a specific group of people, know their language.  If you’re targeting anime lovers, you may want to use some references to anime.  Basically, try to get your audience’s attention and their trust by letting them know you speak their language. 

Once you’ve got your headline down, you can then put the rest of the details in your ad description.  Keep your description short and to the point.  You don’t want people to read an essay – it will just turn them off your brand – and they’ll continue scrolling down their feed. 

In your ad description, include social proof and testimonials.  If you’ve got customer reviews, pick the best ones and use it in your ad.  If you’ve got a lot of users or customers, mention that too.