Facebook Ads Domination Course

Module 7

Split Testing Your Facebook Ads For Optimum Performance

Split testing ads have a lot of benefits; however, most advertisers won’t bother split testing their ads.  Why? Because it’s a lot of work and it’s expensive.  But are the results not worth it though? Let’s find out together in the 7th module of this Facebook Ads Domination series!

What Is Split Testing?

  (Split testing in action.  Image Source: Facebook.com)

(Split testing in action.  Image Source: Facebook.com)

Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, is testing 2 or more ad elements against each to find the best converting one.  It’s a lengthy process especially if you want to test all elements in your advert – from the images to the headline, description, placements, call to action, and more. 

Successful marketers and advertisers on Facebook will tell you that their secret to success is split testing their ads.  By split testing, they are able to eliminate ads that don’t result in good conversion numbers.  By the end of their tests, the highest converting ads are used when they scale their advertising and target a bigger audience. 

For instance, if you have three different audiences and you want to see which audience is going to convert best for your ad, you can do a three-way split test.  This means you show the same ad to Audience 1, Audience 2 and Audience 3. 

After a period of time, you then look at the data Facebook gives you and you’re able to determine which audience responded best to that ad. 

With that knowledge, you can then create a lookalike audience to target other people with similar characteristics as the winning audience.  So, if Audience 1 won the split test, you could create a lookalike audience of Audience 1. 

This not only increases your probability of success, but you know with 100% certainty that that specific advert is optimized for a particular audience.