Facebook Ads Domination Course

What Are the Benefits of Split Testing?

NB: There is no video for this segment.  Please read the information included below or you can view it within Guide 7: Split Testing Your Ads For Optimum Performance.  You can also refer back to the video in segment 1 of this module where this topic is discussed.

Split testing will undeniably benefit those who have the budget to burn through in the early stages of a campaign.  Most adverts won’t convert – that’s money down the drain.  You may split test a lot of adverts, and you may not find a winning ad set until the 101st ad you launch. 

That essentially means you paid for the first 100 ads for nothing.  But is that really the truth? Of course not.  It just means you’ve sifted through the dirt to find the pot of gold at the end! In most cases, the winning ad set can easily pay for all the failed ads!

So, here are some of the benefits of split testing and why you should start implementing this in your Facebook ads right away:

1.  There’s no guesswork involved – only pure, hard facts.

With split testing, you’re eliminating many reasons for why your ad isn’t successful.  It’s sort of like a checklist.  Ads 1 to 100 failed, but Ad 101 is smashing success.  So, you literally just crossed off 100 poor-converting variations of your ad. 

Split testing also allows you to optimize your ad – you already know the elements that are not converting so you’re not going to use it in the next iteration of your ad. 

2.  Your results are both credible and tangible.

Who would say 100 failed adverts is not credible? You’ve spent all that money just to arrive at the end of the proverbial rainbow where the pot of gold is.  If someone asks you why your campaign was successful, you can easily say, “Oh, it’s because I removed all the low-converting elements in my ad and used only the highest converting elements to make one super successful ad.” After so many failed tests, you can pinpoint the exact recipe for your success!

3.  It’s a very smart investment.

Most naysayers will say split testing is like giving Facebook free cash.  While it may be true in the beginning, just one successful campaign can pay off all your failed adverts.  But what if you don’t ever find a successful campaign?

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to split testing.  Maybe you just haven’t found the right combination of good ad design and target audience.  For example, if you’re promoting a lady’s t-shirt and you’re promoting to an audience consisting of men, then it’s probably not surprising you’re getting very low conversions. 

Split testing is only a smart investment when you’ve thought all possible angles thoroughly.  Going in blind is not smart at all – have a solid campaign plan to help you find that winning ad set sooner rather than later.

4.  You will learn a lot about your audience. 

Once you know what makes an audience tick or makes them motivated to follow the call to action in your ad, you can try to offer similar products and services and expect to get good results. 

For instance, you know that a particular type of headline and image works best with a particular audience to get them to buy Product A.  You can then use similar elements in a future advert and try to hook in the same audience sometime in the future to buy a product similar to Product A. 

There’s really a lot of possibilities you can explore once you get to know what your winning target audience likes!