Facebook Ads Domination Course

When to use Boosted Posts Instead of Ads

NB: There is no video for this segment.  Please read the information included below or you can view it within Guide 3: Facebook Ads v's Boosted Posts.

There’s a lot of advantage to using Facebook Ads, but in certain scenarios, Boosted Posts will work just as well, at a much faster rate at that.  Here’s when it’s best to use Boosted Posts:

1.    If you have a post that’s already receiving good organic engagement, then you may want to consider boosting it.  If the people who saw your post organically are interacting with it, that is, they’re liking, sharing and commenting on it, then chances those who did not see your post in their news feeds will find it interesting too!

2.    If your post is informational, that is, you’re not selling anything on it, then people would be more receptive to your boosted post.  If you’re selling something, then it’s best to use Facebook Ads as you have more options over the format of your ads.

3.    If you don’t have much time and you don’t want to learn the complexities of Facebook Ads Manager, then boosting a post is your best option.

With that being said, boosting posts is, quite simply put, for beginners.  If you truly want more 'bang for your buck', then you have really have no choice but to dive in and learn how the Facebook Ads Manager works.