Facebook Ads Domination Course

Why Are Lead Funnels Important?

NB: There is no video for this segment.  Please read the information included below or you can view it within Guide 10: How to Create a Facebook Lead Capture Funnel .  You can also refer back to the video in segment 1 of this module where this topic is discussed.

Understanding how a lead funnel works is important so you can optimize your adverts for your potential customers’ sales journey. For instance, if you’re targeting a cold audience, they would be at the top of the funnel.

They don’t know you and they don’t trust you, so if you try to sell them something, they’re most probably not going to buy from you. This is especially true for high-ticket products that require a relatively hefty investment – say anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars.

You can probably make some sales to a cold audience if you’re selling a product that’s relatively cheap and doesn’t require too much thinking. If your price range fits within an impulsive buyer’s budget, and your target audience has a good number of impulse buyers, then you’re off to make some hefty profit even with top of the funnel customers!